Sunday, May 28

How Do You Slay Your Makeup While Wearing Your Face Mask?

The global pandemic has brought a change in the way people live. People are slowly getting used to the “new normal” norm. It changes how we buy things or even how we use things. Wearing a face mask is an example, all over the world, people need to wear face masks going out to public places, eating out, going to work, or even just walking around. 

After months of staying home, people get excited to go out and flex their ultimate new normal fashion look and that doesn’t stop people from doing their makeup routine. Who said no one can slay while wearing face masks? 

Yes, we don’t want you to think that makeup is out of the question because of face masks. Here are some ways you can play with your makeup while still wearing a mask. 

Makeup really does make you look better! Play up the drama on the part of your face that people can see. But before that, we can still do full makeup while wearing masks.

Skincare is a must-have routine. Makeup is a fun and effective method to draw attention but proper skincare should always be our top priority, especially in these times. 

Our skin’s most delicate parts are the nose, cheeks, and lips, which are subject to friction while wearing a face mask. Pores can clog, retained moisture can lead to bacteria growth, and cosmetics further exacerbate these issues. Through a proper skincare routine, we could be able to handle this. 

Choose a foundation and concealer that will stay on longer. It can get very humid and quickly become oily under the face mask, so you should be careful. All in all, the best way to make your foundation and concealer last all day is to use and choose a transfer-proof product that is meant to last all day. 

Another makeup look you want to flex is your lip color. Yes, you can still use lipstick while wearing makeup, just switch to a long-lasting lipstick that won’t smudge. The fact that your lips are completely covered by a face mask means that you might think about skipping it. But lipstick is one of those things that can make you feel good and powerful right away, giving you a boost of confidence. All you need is a long-lasting lipstick and still, you can slay that look you wanted to achieve. 

Pick makeup that doesn’t need to be touched up often. Your new makeup routine is basically a streamlined version of a long one. It focuses on the basics and only includes the products you really need. Use a moisturizer for your skin type and sunscreen first, then dab and blend concealer where needed, use only a small amount of foundation if you really need it, and finish with a setting powder to keep everything in place.

Now it is time to emphasize your eyes, with half of your face covered with a face mask, your eyes could be the most open part of your face. This could be your biggest flex and answer on how to slay your makeup look while wearing face masks. There are various techniques to make the eyes stand out.

Make a simple but attractive smoky eye. Because this is where you’ll draw the most attention, go all out with your eye makeup. 

  • Eyebrows were already a vital component in the cosmetic application process. Now, it can enhance your cosmetic appearance while detracting attention away from the face mask. Straight brows with crisp arches will help to create a pleasing balance on your face. 
  • Eyeliner is one of the types of eye makeup as well that has been popular in the world of cosmetics. Eyeliners are available in a variety of forms, including powder, pencil, and liquid, and can be applied just above and below the eyelids to create a dramatic effect. 
  • Eye shadow is a type of coloring that is applied to the upper lids and immediately below the brows. It is available in a variety of forms. 
  • Eyelash extensions are one of the most important things in the beauty industry right now. This huge trend of becoming the favorite type of eye makeup is a simple method of fanning out your lashes and adding length and volume for three to four weeks to your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions from trusted and well-known brands will help you keep your eye makeup interesting even when you’re wearing the most simple masks. 

If you want to stay on your makeup longer throughout the day, you need to lock in your look with setting spray.  Your skin will look and feel fantastic with a naturally moisturized glow from your skincare and primer, but your makeup may not last 16 hours without a clean, smooth surface to adhere to. That’s why you’ll need a good setting spray to keep your look in place.

Even though your face mask makeup regimen is simple, a strong setting spray or powder is essential for keeping your look fresh throughout the day.

After a long day of makeup, we should do cleansing. You and your skin just want to take a deep breath and relax in the shower or bath. Using one cleanser at night is fine, but using two is even better at removing all of the makeup and grime that has accumulated throughout the day. 

Beyond wearing attractive face masks, your mask eye makeup is a great method to keep up with cosmetic trends while also boosting your confidence. Consider this: it will be your eyes that will be on display.

There’s just so much you can do to keep your makeup from spreading into your mask. You can keep your makeup on your face and off your mask for a long time if you use the appropriate products and practices.

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