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Top 5 Glass Bottle Wholesalers

Top Glass Bottle Manufacturer & Factory Outlet, provide glass bottle wholesale for liquor, whiskey, vodka, brandy (etc). Quality Guaranteed.

East Asia Glass Limited is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in China, and they are trusted by many liquor companies around the world. They are known for their fine quality bottles and excellent service.

Xuzhou Shanli Artware

Xuzhou Shanli Artware specializes in glass bottle production and is renowned for their quality products. They also have a lot of experience exporting these bottles. Visit to buy glass bottles.

They can produce different kinds of bottles, including wine bottles, jars, and juice bottles. They are also working on expanding their capacity to produce more types of bottles.

This company has been in business for ten years and is specialized in producing glass bottles. It aims to provide a variety of options for customers to choose from. They can also provide custom glass bottles for their clients.

Hualian Glass Bottle Factory

Hualian Glass Bottle Factory is one of the most reputable manufacturers in China. They specialize in producing liquor bottles and other types of bottles for a variety of industries. and they have multiple production facilities and a workforce that works to ensure the quality of their products. and they also offer customization services to clients.

They produce a wide variety of products, including flint glass and super flint glass. Their products are used in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, perfumes, and more.


Crystals are a popular way to attract wealth, health, and happiness. They can also be incorporated into your daily routine by wearing crystal jewelry or using a crystal water bottle.

However, there’s a lot of confusion about the safety of drinking from a crystal water bottle. Some crystals may discolour water, while others can release toxic fumes.

Those who are serious about utilizing crystals for their health benefits should understand the risks and do a little research before making a purchase. For example, Ammari suggests purchasing a bottle that features an inner dome that seals off the stone from direct contact with water.

Unipack Glass

Glass bottles are a great packaging solution for wine, spirits, cosmetics, perfumes, medicines, and food. They are also environmentally friendly because they are recyclable and non-toxic.

Unipack Glass is a leading supplier of glass bottles and jars in China. It produces a wide variety of bottles that are aesthetically designed and available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

They also offer a range of closures such as screw caps with or without liners, liquid and cream dispensing cap, spice shaker caps, flip top caps, lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers, and orifice reducer plugs and jar seals. These products are made from high-quality glass and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Shanghai Vista Packaging Co.

Shanghai Vista is a leading player in the glass bottle arena, producing more than 2,000 varieties of the good stuff on a daily basis. With a state of the art plant in the heart of China’s glass manufacturing belt and its own logistics arm, they can ship their wares to customers across the globe in a timely fashion at a price you can afford.

Check out their US Customs records and see for yourself. The best part is that you’ll also get a free report on the most important movers and shakers in the industry based on your own custom criteria. We’ll show you the most important companies, the ones that are most likely to make your short list, and what’s the latest in tech and innovation.


Ruisheng is a leading glass bottle manufacturer and wholesaler with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing top grade liquor bottles. They focus on customer demands and offer high-end services.

They manufacture a variety of different types of glass bottles to suit the needs of their customers. Their products are primarily used in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and liquor industries.

They have three CNC manual production lines and four semi-automatic production lines for a total of eight machines in their factory. They are proud to serve customers across the globe.


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