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Beyblades For Sale on Beystation

Whether you are looking for a new pair of Beyblades or a replacement, you can find them on There are a wide variety of models to choose from, including Metal, Burst, and Balance series. Whether you want a Removable top level or a Stamina type, we’ll help you find the perfect beyblade.


Among the many different types of Beyblades, Attack-type Beyblades are known to be the most powerful. Besides that, they can wear down the Stamina of their opponents. These Beyblades are usually flat in tip. This makes them easier to move and more mobile. They also have layers that grip the opponent.

This type of Beyblade is usually used in attacking other Beyblades. They are often used in the Battle Ring mode. This is because they can pick up speed when colliding with other Beyblades. During the battle, they can wear down their opponents’ stamina and their Stamina lasts longer than the Stamina of other Beyblades.

Attack-type Beyblades are usually armed with flat tips. This allows them to move faster and be more mobile. This makes them easier to grip and also allows for a larger contact zone with the beystadium.


Unlike the other types of Beyblades, Balance-type Beyblades combine the Defense and Stamina types. They are not very good at any one type. But they have good balance and stamina, which means they will last longer during battle.

Attack-type Beyblades are specialized for attacking other Beyblades. They have layers of rubber or plastic that grip the opponent’s blade. They also have flat performance tips, which make it harder for the blade to burst. However, these blades are more powerful and last longer than Stamina-type Beyblades.

Balance-type Beyblades are more balanced and make it easier to control. They can be thrown two or three blades at a time. However, they may not be as powerful as other types of Beyblades. However, if you have a good launcher, you can make a big difference in a battle.


Unlike Attack Beyblades, Stamina-type Beyblades are built for long battles. They are slower to spin but have higher stamina. They are more difficult to hit than Attack Beyblades but are also better at knocking back attacks.

Stamina-type Beyblades usually have thin tips. This makes them easier to grip and helps them to last longer in battle. Thin tips also limit the friction between the blade and the stadium. This can help to avoid breaking the beyblade.

Beyblades are made of different materials, including metal and plastic. Some are also made of wood. They can be thrown up to four times at a time. Choosing the best Beyblade for you depends on your playing style, weight, and balance.

Beyblade players should know how to choose a launcher. A good launcher will make a significant difference in the battle.

Compatible with both Burst and Metal Series

Using Burst and Metal Series beyblades together is not a hard feat, as long as you are familiar with the differences. However, you will need to be prepared to assemble your Beyblade before a battle. There are many different accessories and parts that you can use. Here are some of the most common.

Balance Type Beyblades are a great example of a Beyblade with multiple performance levels. These Beyblades combine Attack and Defense Types to create something that can outperform any of the individual types.

Balance Type Beyblades also have a Stamina Mode. A Beyblade with Stamina Mode can outlast a Beyblade with Attack Mode, but is not as strong at defense.

The Beyblade brand strategy has been to balance competitiveness with a fun toy. This strategy has been reflected in the tops and accessories of the various Beyblades.

Removable top level

Adding removable top level beyblades to your arsenal of weapons will expand your options. You can customize your tops by adjusting the Base, Core, Apex, and Performance tip. These adjustments will make your tops perform better and improve their stats. You can also swap tops from Apex to Core mode, giving your tops additional boosts in stats.

The base determines the direction of spin. Some tops have left or right spin so that you can use different strategies. The Performance tip is part of the top and affects your stamina and speed. You can also manually switch between Battle Ring Mode and SlingShock Mode.

Generally, the top has a colored segment that protrudes through a hole in the clear cover. This allows kids to see how their tops distribute weight. It also helps to absorb shock.


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