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The Best Speed Cubes of 2022

Whether you want to improve your speed cubing skills or simply get a new speed cube, there are many great options available. In this article, we’ll take a look at the MoYu GTS3 speed cube and Feliks Zemdegs’ GAN 356 XS.

Max Park

If you’re interested in speed cubing, you may want to watch the documentary, The Speed Cubbers, about world speedcubing champions Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. It is directed by Sue Kim and focuses on these athletes and their amazing speed. The film is an eye-opening look at these athletes and their incredible achievements. It is a must-see for fans of the sport.

Max Park is autistic. Because of this, his parents tried to teach him fine motor skills and help him learn about social cues, such as waiting in line and pointing. They also found that cubing helped him learn about social cues and improve his communication skills. As a result, he became more confident and self-reliant.

The story of Max Park’s success highlights the grit needed to overcome the challenges of autism. Despite his diagnosis at the age of two, Max Park has managed to overcome his symptoms to become a world champion in solving Rubik’s cubes. By using his talents and passions to improve his skills, he has become a role model for many.

Feliks Zemdegs

The Speed Cubers is a documentary about the world’s champion speed cubers. Sue Kim, a film director, has captured the world of speed cubing in a fascinating way. It reveals the passion and dedication that motivates these athletes to reach their goals.

The competition between Feliks and Max is fierce, but the duo has developed a supportive relationship and a friendly rivalry. Though they have been rivals for years, the pair have a unique bond. Feliks’ parents started speed cubing as a therapeutic method for their autistic son, but they never imagined that their sons would end up becoming best friends.

Despite their challenges, the duo has been able to overcome these challenges and become a world champion twice. The duo has received numerous promotional gifts from various companies and sponsors. They compete against each other using the Gan 356 XS model.

MoYu GTS3 speed cube

If you are looking for a new speed cube to challenge yourself with, you can look no further than the MoYu GTS3 speed cube. This newest release is outfitted with a spring compression gear system and outer ridges for improved grip. The result is a puzzle that’s naturally fast, crisp and smooth.

The MoYu GTS3 M is the flagship model of the company’s WeiLong line and is fitted with an innovative adjustment system. The sculpted edges help you flick layers and the spring compression gear system provides excellent grip. It also features a tool to adjust the spring tension on the cube. It has an excellent balance between speed and precision, and is one of the fastest cubes on the market.

The MoYu GTS3 M comes with a display box and a kit that includes accessories. The kit includes a moYu-card, a dual-adjustment system, a set of springs, and a guide and manual. The MoYu GTS3 speed cube measures 55.5 mm in height and 56.3 mm in width.

GAN 356 XS

If you want to make speed cubing easier and more fun, consider investing in a GAN 356 XS speed cube. They’re premium cubes that won’t disappoint or annoy you. You can adjust the resilience of the cube to your liking with just your hands or with a tool included in the box. These cubes also include illustrated instructions that show you exactly how to adjust the resilience.

The GAN 356 XS is the latest flagship 3×3 from GAN, and it features a dual-adjustment tension/compression system, adjustable magnet system, and an all-plastic core. This makes it one of the lightest 3x3s available in the market. It is also fast, stable, and cuts well.

One of the most popular speedcubes, the Gan 356 XS is one of the lightest on the market. It weighs just 67 grams for a sticker-less cube and 68 grams for a stickered cube. It is 56 millimetres long on all sides and has a plastic core and black internal coating. It also features a honeycomb design to evenly distribute lubricants and reduce weight.


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