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Attractive Ecommerce Web Design Ideas That Generate More Leads

E-commerce website style and design can have a significant impact on sales. A well-designed website not only looks nicer to visitors, but also offers a better user experience. Therefore, there’s a huge demand for Ecommerce website design services. It will be simpler to explore, search, and finish the checkout process on a well-designed e-commerce site. 

An ecommerce website’s web design is essential. The cornerstone of effective e-commerce site design is using the right fonts, colors, images, visuals, and words to encourage visitors to make a purchase. Your e-commerce website should be visually appealing, provide an excellent user experience, and fully represent your store.

Ecommerce Attractive Web Design Ideas

Make Branding A Priority 

People prefer to buy from well-known companies when they shop online rather than anonymous ecommerce sites that might be used as a front to steal their credit card information. You must give your branding some serious attention if you want to establish the trust necessary to generate significant sales for your ecommerce firm. 

Your brand is similar to the DNA of your e-commerce company; it represents who you are as a business, what you stand for, and how you differ from your rivals. Forging a relationship with your audience and producing sales for your brand is essential.

Think Like A Website Visitor

You must think like your audience if you want your e-commerce website design to resonate with them. A website that is user-friendly, appealing, and speeds up the purchasing process is ultimately the only thing your potential clients are searching for in an online purchasing experience. And if you want your online store to be successful, you had better offer those items. 

As you design, think of yourself as a guest. What style of layout will be the easiest for them to use? How can you arrange your products to make them understandable to the user? How can the checkout process be made simpler? Think like your client to anticipate their needs. What people expect from your e-commerce site, then design your website to fulfill those expectations.

Responsive Format Web And Mobile

Nearly 70% of the time people spend with digital media is on mobile devices. Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce platforms are only designed with desktop browsing in mind and don’t optimize for mobile. Many potential new sales may be lost as a result of this.

If you’re using Shopify to develop your company, your store is “responsive.” This indicates that users may easily navigate the website whether they are using a PC, smartphone, or tablet. It’s advisable to personally test the usability of a theme before deciding on it for mobile optimization to ensure that you are satisfied with the transactional flow. 

If you’re not, there’s a good likelihood that neither will be your clients. When making your decision, consider factors like mobile navigation that is simple to use and cart drawers.

Use Images And Colors And Advantage 

Use large, high-quality images to highlight your products on a website with a straightforward design; let the images do the talking. They catch the customers’ interest and attract their attention. It’s crucial to place images front and center since they increase conversion—up to 40% more often—than any other element. Before making a purchase, customers want to examine what they’re buying from as many perspectives as they can.

Building confidence in your product requires clear, expert images. Making use of cooler psychology in the design of your e-commerce website could also give customers a push. Conversions can be influenced by everything, even the color of your background and the tone you give a button. 

A person might be inspired to feel a certain way and be inspired to act by your e-commerce website design when you use color and graphics together. For instance, simply turning a button red can boost click-through rates by 34%.


The strategy used by Moreporks is a little different. The homepage welcomes you with a powerful, high-resolution image of a tire and directs you either to a simple shop or to the “journal.” The latter features gorgeous outdoor photographs and artistic graphics that create a memorable and striking brand image. 

Instead of putting their products front and center, Moreporks concentrates on creating a story and building a community with a particular rough appeal. It’s an intriguing decision, and if you know how to properly build the website, it might work for you. It is clear that simplicity and big images have been used, and the idea for the ecommerce website design is undoubtedly original.


Designing an e-commerce website might be difficult, but now that you are aware of the best practices, you are prepared to build a site that not only looks great but also converts incredibly well. So why are you still waiting? Utilize these ideas to redesign your online store.