Tuesday, June 6

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Repeats and Plays Same Songs

A lot of humans made Spotify as their move-to and staple song streaming app in all in their gadgets. With get right of entry to to heaps of songs and playlists, you may listen in personalized spotify playlist plays your favorite songs and artists every time. Many discovery of songs are made on Spotify or even folks that persist with their strict style are experimenting. It is easy to find new songs with only a few faucets on the display screen.

Fix Spotify Shuffle Repeating Same Songs Too Often

Solution #1 – Sign out and Sign in to your Account Again

  • First, you need to log out of your account. Go to Your Library.
  • At the pinnacle proper corner, select Settings.
  • Tap the Log Out button.
  • Close the Spotify app.
  • Relaunch the app and log in on your account.

Solution #2 – Avoid Hitting the Like Button

If you hold hitting the Like button (the inexperienced coronary heart button), Spotify’s algorithms will take it as your chosen taste in music and will simplest play songs related to it. You can nonetheless construct your playlist without hitting the Like or Heart button, so the app will play all of the songs.

Solution #three – Sort Your Spotify Playlist

How you compiled and type your playlist can have an effect on what Spotify is gambling for you. You may additionally want to sort your playlist in order that the app can play all the songs, mainly the newly introduced ones.

Go to the playlist that you want to kind.

Tap the 3-dotted button to open a menu and pick out Sort playlist.

Now, you can sort it based at the Title, Artist, Album, Recently Added or Custom.

Solution #4 – Update the Spotify App

To update your Spotify app, go to the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android.

  • For the App Store, tap Updates and look for Spotify.
  • For the Google Play Store, go to My apps & games and look for Spotify.
  • Tap Update, if there may be an to be had update that you could down load.

Solution #five – Turn on Repeat

First, tap the Shuffle Play button.

Now, search for the two arrows or the Repeat button and tap it. Take notice that there may be any other button with 2 arrows but with a primary. This button will only repeat the identical songs. Look for the 2 arrows most effective in a circle.