Wednesday, June 7

Instagram Likes: How to Hide Them?

Instagram likes are the best way to determine the prosperity of an account. Usually, if you are planning to follow an account, the first thing you will consider is the see here a number of likes on the posts. This means that if an account has a low number of likes, no matter how worthy the content is, people do not follow that account.

On the other hand, if the number of likes on a post is many, it will always be considered credible. In this way, likes determine your status on Instagram. It is also an ultimate determinant of the future of your account and the followers it is expected to have.

When you start an Instagram account, you may not have any likes on your posts. You need to have followers first. Then you can earn the likes. Keeping that in view, many people initially hide the likes from their posts so that the one visiting their post can hit a like without being suspicious of the progress of the account.

This prevents people get judgmental and helps you attract their likes and support. So many people desire to hide these likes from their posts. If you also want to do the same, you need to keep the pathology for that in your mind. It can thus be accomplished quickly. 

Step 1: go to your Instagram application on whatever device you use. Check to see if it has already been installed on your device. If not, you can either get the web version or download it. The choice is yours.

Step 2: Once you have got the application, go to your Instagram profile. From the bottom bar, where the main button for the activity on Instagram is present, you need to tap your profile picture. 

Step 3: if you want to hide from one specific post, you can simply go to that post and open it. Tap the three dots portraying the settings for that posts and go to the “privacy settings.” Once found, tap the option, which will lead you to the status of the posts. 

Step 4: Find the “hide likes and view” option. Once, toggle the button to turn the setting on. The likes of those posts will become invisible to the community visiting your profile. 

If you want to hide the likes from all your Instagram posts altogether, and you find it challenging to do it post by post, you can get it edited with just a few clicks. All you have to do is to:

  • Go to the primary settings of your Instagram account and try to navigate the “posts” option from there. This option helps you amend everything regarding your posts. 
  • Once found, tap the option, and you can get reach out to the “privacy settings” for all your post. This option helps you change the permission as far as the visibility of your post is concerned. 
  • From there, navigate “hide likes and views.” Turn this option on. None of your posts will then be able to view the number of likes it has earned.